Advice for specialists

Do you have questions arising from your work with female patients or clients affected by domestic violence? You can bring these questions to us and benefit from our specialist advice.

We advise specialists from the psychosocial, education and medical professions on our core topics:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexualised violence
  • Eating disorders

We have a high degree of expertise and many years' experience in these fields. Our extensive network and many cooperation partners are resources that we use in our specialist advice. We can support you in your dealings with affected women, clarify your questions and work with you on ways of taking matters forward.

Our specialist advice is a peer counselling service that is supplementary to your own supervision. It is aimed at individuals and team.

Get in contact with us. You can make an appointment by telephone on

Phone: +49 (0)2202-45112

or email us at