Girls’ advice centre

We help girls and young women with all their questions and problems, but especially in matters concerning sexualised or other violence and eating disorders.

Girls aged 12 and above and young women aged up to 27 can get information online at

or you can reach us directly:

Online counselling, exchange in the forum or chat:

We offer specialist advice on the above priority topics to education, advice and therapy professionals.

Girls' groups who want to get information about sexualised or domestic violence and eating disorders can come to our advice centre for an informative briefing or a series of information events.

We also give talks on prevention in schools and other institutions.

We welcome every girl and every young woman!

The girls' advice centre receives a certain amount of public funding. However, these subsidies are not enough to cover our running costs and so we're constantly reliant on donations. We are grateful for any amount you care to contribute.

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Thank you for donating!