Goals & focus

The goals of the association are to support, assist and encourage women and girls, irrespective of the problems and issues they may be facing.
The association promotes the rights of women and girls. We do this both in our counselling and prevention events for and with women, girls and multipliers as well as publicly.

We put our goals into practice in our centres:

Women's refuge: protection for physically and emotionally abused women and their children

Women's advice centre: advice and information for women and training for multipliers

Girls' advice centre: advice, information and support for girls aged 12 and above

Our chief focus is derived from our goals and from the work in our centres:

The women's refuge concentrates on protecting women and their children from domestic violence.

Domestic violence is also a focus for the women's advice centre. Further areas we focus on in our counselling are eating disorders, separation and divorce, and sexualised violence.

Eating disorders, violence and sexualised violence in particular are the chief focus of the girls' advice centre.

Violence against women and girls is a common focus of all three centres.
Women and girls continue to experience subtle or overt violence in their families, in their relationships, at work and in society. Our goals are to protect and empower women and girls, to draw attention to the subtle and overt violence women and girls are exposed to and to improve women's and girls' living conditions.