About us

Marita Vonk, Anna Keppel, Michaela Fahner

Frauen stärken Frauen e.V. is a charitable association. We are non-party and non-denominational.

We work for women and girls through our three pillars – women's refuge, women's advice centre and girls' advice centre. The following principles govern what we do:

  • Advocacy for women and girls
  • Confidence in the power and potential of women and girls
  • Respect for women's and girls' different ways of living
  • A critical attitude to traditional gender roles
  • Viewing women's and girls' problems in the context of their experience of society

Frauen stärken Frauen e.V. is a member of

  • Der Paritätische
  • Dachverband autonomer Frauenberatungsstellen NRW e.V.
  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mädchenarbeit NRW e.V.

Frauen stärken Frauen e.V.

is recognised as an independent youth welfare provider..