Our association: In simple words

Our association is called Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.
It was founded in 1985.

The association consists of 4 centres:

  1. the women’s advice centre
  2. the girls’ advice centre
  3. the women’s refuge
  4. "AnBe",
    an advice centre for refugee
    women and girls
    who are travelling alone.

These centres are there for women and girls

  • who have a problem,
  • who are afraid,
  • who are being hurt,
  • who want to leave home
  • because they are being hurt.

The association helps all women and girls.

It doesn’t matter

  • where you come from,
  • what you think,
  • what you look like,
  • whom you love,
  • what language you speak,
  • what your religion is.

We’re on your side.

The association is a member of

  • Der Paritätische
    (an association of social movements),
  • Dachverband autonomer Frauenberatungsstellen NRW e.V.
    (the umbrella organisation for women’s advice centres in NRW),
  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mädchenarbeit NRW e.V.
    (the association of girls’ work groups in NRW)