Intervention counselling

Our intervention counselling is a special advice service for women after the police have been called to deal with domestic violence.

Domestic violence occurs in all close relationships: marital relationships/relationships outside marriage, mother-son relationships, same-sex partnerships, grandparent-grandchild relationships.

The Protection Against Violence Act and the NRW Police Act regulate all acts of violence committed in a domestic context. They offer men and women opportunities for protection. If you are threatened or injured, the police can ban the offender from your home for ten days, and you will be able to stay there (with your children). During this time the man will not be allowed to enter the home and must surrender his key.

After the police have been called because of domestic violence you are entitled to intervention counselling. With your agreement, the police will get in touch with the women's advice centre. We will then offer you counselling at short notice in which we'll tell you about further legal options you have and steps you can take. We'll look together at what needs to be done to protect you and keep you safe and what the way forward is.

We work to help women get back in control of their lives. After counselling we are prepared go with women to the police or to court.

What can be done before things get out of hand?

Violence often takes a long time to build up. If you have the impression in your relationship that you always have to put your own interests last, that you have little freedom to make decisions, and that you always have to give in, then you should take up the opportunity of counselling. That way you can try at an early stage to steer your life into a better direction.

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Counselling is free of charge and confidential.