Legal information

If you're thinking of separating, or if you're already separated and want a divorce, and you've got questions about maintenance, custody or pension rights, you can come to one of our legal information evenings. You'll be part of a small group where a woman lawyer specialising in family law will give you a good overview of all relevant issues.

Legal information evenings take place at regular intervals in the Bergisch Gladbach women's advice centre, the advice centre against sexualised violence Frauen-Zimmer e.V. Burscheid, and the Flic Flac family centre (Bergisch Gladbach).

You can find further information on our next legal information evenings under Dates.

We're happy to answer your questions about the Legal information evenings by phone, too. You can reach us on

Phone: +49 (0)2202-45112

A legal information evening is always helpful but it's no substitute for legal advice.