Links on various topics

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Advice for women

Women's advice centres Umbrella association of women's advice centres in NRW

bff: Frauen gegen Gewalt e.V.  German federation of women's advice centres and women's emergency hotlines (including violence online)

Support hotline for violence against women

AVA Anti Violence Awareness

Terre des Femmes  Cologne cities group

Terre des Femmes Association for human rights for women

Familien-Wegweiser Website for families provided by the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Young People

Paula e.V. Köln Advice centre for women over 60

Gleichstellung Equal opportunities information provided by the NRW Ministry for Homeland, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality

VAWV NRW Association of single parents in NRW

Women’s refuges

Frauennetz gegen Gewalt  NRW association of autonomous women's shelters  (LAG)

Frauenhauskoordinierung e.V. Information, refuge search, advice centre search

Women migrants and refugees

Agisra Köln

Fachstelle für Integration und MIgration (FIM) Service for integration and migration

Eating disorders


BZfgA Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Afklärung Federal Centre for Health Education

Working, living, debt

FiF Frauen in Führung Women in management

Frauenbüro Bergisch Gladbach Gleichstellungsstelle equality office

Tacheles e.V. Erwerbslosenverein (SGB II, Sozialrecht) Initiative for the rights of the socially disadvantaged and unemployed

Frauen gegen Erwerbslosigkeit e.V.  Information for the unemployed in general, single parents, migrants and women refugees

Schuldnerberatung RheinBerg Debt counselling

Netzwerk Wohnungsnot Housing shortage network RheinBerg, Archbishopric of Cologne - diocesan Caritas association

Grief and loss

AGUS e.V. For those affected by suicide

Health, disability, pregnancy

FFGZ Feministisches Frauengesundheitszentrum Hagazussa e.V. Köln Feminist women's health centre

Frauengesundheitsportal BZgA women's health portal provided by Federal Office for Health Education

Kompetenzzentrum Frauen und Gesundheit NRW Competence centre for women and health in NRW

Die Kette e.V. Beratung - Betreuung - Begleitung Support for those with physical disabilities

Diakonie Michaelshoven Services for people with disabilities

Weibernetz e.V. For the political interests of women with disabilities

bff: Suse sicher und selbstbestimmt - empowering women and girls with disabilities

Netzwerk NRW Women and girls with disabilities / chronic illnesses in NRW

ZsL Köln Zentrum für selbstbestimmtes Leben Advice centre for the disabled by the disabled

profamilia Advice on sexuality, pregnancy and partnership

Older women

Die Kette e.V. Beratung - Betreuung - Begleitung Support for those with physical disabilities

Paula e.V. Köln Advice centre for women over 60 Senior citizens in Bergisch Gladbach

Lesbian and intersexual life

Lesben Lesbians in NRW

Immerdabei Older lesbians and gays in NRW

Intersexuelle Menschen Intersexual people in NRW


Police advice - Federal and land crime prevention
("Opferschutz" in navigation)

Stalking & Justiz Information platform on stalking and the law

Weisser Help for victims of crime

Forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM)

Jugendportal Zwangsheirat Information for young people on forced marriage provided by Terre des femmes

Terre des Femmes Köln

Netzwerk Integra German network against FGM

Paula e.V. Köln Advice centre for women over 60

Zwangsheirat Advice on forced marriage for girls and young women

HennaMond e.V. Mut, Rat und Lebenshilfe - courage, help and support


Katholische Erziehungsberatung e.V. Catholic association for parenting advice


Frau Schmitzz WenDo - Self-defence and assertiveness for women and girls