Frequently asked questions


Can I just come along or do I need an appointment?

You're welcome to come along without an appointment. We'll do our best to see you right away, but we can't guarantee it. Generally you can save yourself time or an unnecessary trip by making an appointment by phone or online.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Usually you can expect to get an appointment within a week.

Can I get advice anonymously?

Of course we can give you anonymous counselling. When you make an appointment with us we'll ask you for your name and phone number. Just tell us that you want to stay anonymous. That's quite OK.

Can I bring someone along with me?

If it makes you feel safer and/or it's important to you, of course you can bring someone with you. Please let us know when you make your appointment so that we can advise you as effectively as possible.

What does advice cost?

Our advice service is free of charge, but of course we welcome donations.

How can I know whether you’re the right people to come to with my question?

Our advice service for women is not limited to specific topics or questions. But if you're unsure, you can ask when you make the appointment whether we're the right people to talk to. If necessary, we'll refer you to someone else.

How long does a consultation last?

We plan about one hour with you.

How often can I come for counselling?

How often you come depends on your question/your topic. Our advisor will work this out with you during your session.