Public relations

Our aim is to raise public awareness of topics specific to women.

We provide information about our work through press and media relations, talks to groups and institutions, and other events. We also do education and prevention work on issues specific to women.

We use special campaigns to publicise our main topics – violence against women and eating disorders.

Women's advice centre in the Rheinisch Bergisches Kalender 2018

In an article in the Rheinisch Bergisches Kalender 2018 we present the women's advice centre on pages 198-205 and recount some of our history from the early days to the present. The calendar was published by Heider Verlag (Bergisch Gladbach) in September 2017. Why not take a look?

Perpetual calendar of art

To mark its 25th anniversary the women's advice centre published a perpetual calendar featuring women artists. It can be bought for €16 from the women's advice centre. All the proceeds go to the work of the advice centre.

You can take a look at the calendar here.

A bit thank you to the artists who made their work available for the calendar:

  • Christa Fitzler
  • Manuela Klein
  • Petra Christine Schiefer
  • Christina Stoschus-Schumann
  • Maria Schätzmüller-Lukas
  • Mechthild Stross
  • Edda Jende
  • Margret Weiler
  • Dagmar Laustroer
  • Seong-Hi Kang (in cooperation with Herrm-Jörg Barner)
  • Petra Robels
  • Marie-Claude Maqua-Klein

A NANA for a life free from violence against women

Echoing the NANAs by the artist Niki de Saint-Phalle, members of the association created and publicly painted a life-sized figure in 2009. Niki de Saint-Phalle, initiator of the NANA figures, was herself a victim of sexualised violence, and her life-sized figures emerged after she had worked on her own trauma. With our figure we want to take a stand for a life free from violence against women.

Our NANA then went “on the road” and was exhibited in many institutions.

If you would like to show our NANA in your institution and take a stand yourself against violence against women, we would be delighted to hear from you - by phone on +49 (0)2202-45 112 or email at